Since 2006, Current Culture H2O® has been Cultivating Hydroponic Evolution by designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative and relevant products for hobby and commercial hydroponics growers that promote efficiency and maximize productivity.


2015 Product Catalog

CCH2O RDWC Hydroponics Products Catalog 2015-2016

No other hydroponic system and nutrient line work together so harmoniously to provide the prolific results afforded by Cultured Solutions® used in tandem with our unique Under Current® water culture systems. Utilized in high productivity CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) applications around the globe, this potent combination offers growers a Proven Production System for cultivating food, fiber and medicine crops.

Don’t miss the boat, join the growing revolution and cultivate with CCH2O Current Culture is recognized throughout the world as a premier manufacturer of cutting edge hydroponics systems and premium plant nutrients. Based in Central California, CCH2O is known for innovating tools and techniques that are exceptionally productive, require minimal maintenance and are in tune with what growers need to succeed.

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