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Comercial Growroom Design and Consulting

Commercial Design and Consulting

The Under Current system is quickly becoming the hydroponics system of choice for large scale and commercial growers. No other system on the market can be incorporated as easily into large spaces and provide the performance needed to make consistent production efficient and profitable. Let our experienced design team help with your commercial project. We can offer consulting and design services including: Initial planning, Space planning, Facility Design Recommendations, Lighting Recommendations, Irrigation System Implementation, Water Storage Considerations, Planting Frequency and Sequencing, Plant Nutrition and Nutrient Usage. Contact us for more information:


UC PRO – Module/Lid & Systems - Coming Soon!

We are very excited to soon be offering our completely redesigned UC PRO 35 Gallon Module and Lid. The new design incorporates several unique features consistent with Current Culture’s commitment to constant product improvement and innovation. UC PRO Module features include: water level indicators, recessed drain valve cove, recessed bulkhead coves, easy drain bottom, and multiple lid options. The UC PRO Single Lid features airline inlet coves, two porthole access points and accommodates our standard CCH2O Lid for easy transplant from our 8 or 13 gallon systems. The UC PRO Multi Lid will accommodate our standard CCH2O 8” Net Pot and be available in a 4-site, 8-site or Blank - Epicenter/DIY version. Soon after the introduction of the new PRO Module/Lids we will offer full UC PRO systems. Send us and email if you would like to be added to the UC PRO waiting list:

Cultured Solutions Performance

Cultured Solutions Performs

Cultured Solutions is performing all over the nation! Feedback from California, Colorado, Washington, Michigan, Rhode Island, Oregon, Illinois, and Massachusetts is astounding. We are getting nothing but awesome responses from some of the most professional growers worldwide. Hydro growers have made the switch from other top nutrient brands and are reporting higher quality, better yields, and rock-solid pH stability. Results don’t lie!
“We'll continue to introduce new customers to the Cultured Solutions line. It consistently gets positive feedback from anyone that runs it. You guys did a great job putting the line together.” –Jay, MI
“First time using CS nutes and the results are outstanding.” -Mike, FL
“This has been my best round to date in the UC” -Sam, CA