Adobe Animate HPAC 06

Current Culture H2O High Pressure Cloning System (HPAC) brings the benefits of the latest automation technology to give growers an edge on cloning propagation with a turn key design. Time matters with cutting development, and time cut is the quicker you can get your starts to veg and flower. The results are crystal clear that healthy clones develop into a healthy harvest.

  • Automated, hands-free maintenance
  • Medium-Less Neoprene collars almost eliminate transplant shock yielding almost total successful transplanting.
  • Mist saturates roots evenly promotion rapid growth and maturity of root mass
  • Roots do not sit in static water, avoiding souring and damage and stunted growth
  • Neoprene collars transfer seamlessly into CCH2O  Solo Comm, or UC Systems
  • Clones mature enough for Veg In Place (VIP) method or immediate flower