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UC Roots is the most versatile root zone optimizer

UC Roots: The Most Versatile Root Zone Optimizer

Promote incredibly healthy root growth with UC Roots, the most versatile root zone optimizer available! Cultured Solutions® UC Roots is a water treatment solution that aids the growth of the roots by sterilizing, oxidizing and descaling the root zone. Why Should I Use UC Roots in my Under Current® System? UC Roots works in myriad […]

Mycostop Biological Fungicide For Water Culture – Updated Recommendations

Developed from a naturally occurring bacteria, Streptomyces griseoviridis, Mycostop thrives in the root zone of plants. In doing so it creates a biological defense against root infecting pathogenic fungi which cause disease such as wilt and root rot. Mycostop has been shown (in independent trials) to increase plant vigor and yields even in the absence […]

Quick Q&A Regarding Inoculant Use in Your RDWC

                                                                          Inoculant use in RDWC Q-What would you recommend as far as an inoculant for my Under Current? A-We […]