High-Pressure Aeroponic Propagation

Professional Propagation, Made Easy

Low-Micron Aeroponic Propagation is the most efficient method for producing vigorous hydroponic seedlings and clones. Using minimal water and reduced labor, the HPA provides ideal conditions for small and large-scale commercial cultivators.

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Vigorous Root Growth


Faster Crop Turns


Improved Plant Health


Reduced Transplant Labor

Modular Commercial
Aeroponic Propagation

Produce high quality, bare-root cuttings with the CCH2O High-Pressure Aeroponic Cloning (HPAC) System. The HPAC system supercharges root growth with increased available oxygen while maintaining the proper hydration of the stem tissue. Designed to maximize cultivation square footage, this versatile commercial propagation system will meet your facility’s growing needs.

Efficient, Medium-less
Hydroponic Cultivation

Produce Better Clones

High-pressure aeroponic clones have a superior root structure

Cleaner Starts

Avoid bringing in harmful cutting stock with pests and disease

Reduce Water and Nutrient Usage

High-pressure aeroponics uses less water and nutrients compared to media-based propagation methods

Easy System Automation

Easily employ full nutrient dosing to control pH, EC, and temp of the cloning solution

Optimized Spacing

Wide plant spacing allows growers to take larger more vigorous cuttings

Reduced Veg Times

Healthier seedlings and clones that transplant faster

Variable Propagation Media

Reusable or single-use options available

Ideal Rooting Conditions

Increased available oxygen accelerates nutrient absorption at the root surface

Modular & Scalable

Stack modules vertically to increase production

Clone Collars & Seed Plugs

Root cuttings or start seeds 

Repeatable, Proven Propagation

Our high-performance hydroponic systems and premium plant nutrients are utilized worldwide by the most discerning growers. This proven approach allows cultivators to efficiently produce high-quality, consistent, clean crops.

Improve Productivity and Quality With Reduced Labor


The patented Under Current® RDWC system is unmatched in productivity, efficiency, and ease of use.

Get the best results


Cultured Solutions® premium hydroponic nutrients are formulated with only the finest mineral salts, providing an exceptionally well balanced, highly-soluble nutrient solution for explosive growth.



Avoid mineral deposits and bio-films in your irrigation system with our descaling solutions Clear Line and UC Roots.

Whats included?

High-Pressure Aero Pump Station – Digital Cycle Timer, Digital Pressure Gauge, Mist Indicator, Low-Pressure Alarm. 7 amps | 110v

Multi-Mod Commercial Chambers – Recessed Drain Well

Multi-Mod Commercial Lids – 105-Site

HPAC Nozzle Manifolds

PermaClone Collars

HPAC Supply and Drain Plumbing

HPAC Control Module – Multi-Mod 8-Gallon Reservoir, Fast-Fill Float Valve, Drain Valve 

LUXX LED Clone Lighting – (2) 4’ Strips per Chamber

Commercial Two-Tier Racking

Commercial Cloning SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

Cloning Supply Kit – Hortus IBA 20%, Cultured Solutions Growers Pack

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