Aguatronics Commercial Humidification System



Humidity's Effect on Plants

Relative humidity (RH) levels influence a plants ability to dilate and contract stomata, located on the undersides of leaves. Among their multiple functions, stomata enable the plant to transpire water and gases into the growing environment. In response to changing conditions, stomata will open or close to moderate moisture loss.

As plants transpire, the humidity surrounding the plants saturates leaves with water vapor. When relative humidity levels are too high or inadequate air circulation exists, plants cannot properly evaporate (part of the transpiration process) or uptake water/nutrients. If these conditions sustain, plants will eventually begin to decay and die.

What is Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)?

Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) is the difference between the pressure that could be exerted by the water vapor at 100% RH at a given temperature and the actual pressure exerted by water vapor at your current RH at the same given temperature.

Water vapor in the air influences barometric pressure, when pressure is high plants are less able to transpire water. The higher the water vapor content in the air (i.e. higher RH levels) the more resulting pressure. This pressure directly influences a plants ability to transpire into the environment.

VPD is measured in units of pressure and is essentially RH and temperature in a single value. It’s simply a means of measuring the difference between the pressure inside the leaf and the pressure of the ambient air. This represents a metric for how effectively a plant can exchange liquids and gases with the atmosphere.

Widespread research has been done to find optimal VPD levels for crops throughout the world. Evidence continues to support that proper VPD management is the key to unlocking a crop’s full production potential while also inhibiting pests and disease.

Managing Humidity & VPD

Controlling humidity levels when cultivating is essential to success. Maintaining proper VPD requires a strict attention to detail, as well as equipment that can deliver and maintain consistent humidity levels. The Aguatronics ™ Commercial Humidification System is the ideal commercial tool for boosting Relative Humidity and optimizing VPD.

Vapor Pressure Deficit

Shown in millibars at various temperature and RH values. Most plants will grow well at VPD values between 8-10. (This is just a guideline; different types of plants in different stages of their lifecycle may require VPD outside of the range suggested by the chart.)

Boost Relative Humidity Levels Instantly

Dial in Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)

Plug & Play Design

Made in USA

Fully Adjustable To Target Preferred Humidity Levels

The perfect solution for maintaining ideal humidity levels in medium to large grow environments. Very fine fog evaporates 100% of water immediately.

“The Aguatronics™ Commercial Humidification System is a fundamental piece of equipment for any high level grow space. From the small micron size output to the large scale coverage with minimalistic design, this unit is simply superb.”

– Tony T., TreeHouse Cultivation

Aguatronics™ Commercial Humidification System vs. Ultrasonic Humidifiers

“Ultrasonic humidifiers that atomize water to generate micro-sized droplets in the air (referred to as an aerosol) can potentially distribute any microbial contaminants present in that water or in biofilms that develop on humidifier tanks, reservoirs, and spouts.” Source: Water Research 2014; 56:203-213

System Specifications

• Dual System – Covers Up To 5,000 cu.ft.
• Quad System – Covers Up To 10,000 cu.ft.
• Durable Construction With No Moving Parts
• Stainless Steel Canon Nozzle
• Booster Pump Kit – Pulls From RO Tank
• Made in USA – 1-Year Warranty