Commercial Hydroponic System Design

Grow Room Layouts


With over 60+ different variations of our Under Current® systems, it may be a little difficult for you to choose the best UC configuration for your particular scenario. The Size Your System tab on the products page will help you quickly narrow down our offerings. When sizing an Under Current for your grow room there are three main considerations we take into account to get you the right system(s) for your space.

Under Current® Sizing Variables:grow-room-layout

  1. Room Size: Length, width and ceiling height.
  2. Lighting: Number of lamps and wattage, vertical or horizontally mounted.
  3. Plant Numbers: Desired or required number of plants.

If you’re planning a new grow space and don’t have hard numbers for the above variables we can still help. With even two pieces of the above information we can give you some suggestions and a list of options for consideration. We understand that all grow rooms are unique and no one Under Current® system is better than the other.

Below are some of the most popular room sizes with suggested systems, these are just suggestions, if you don’t see one that is similar or you have a special layout, let us know.   Send an email with the information you do have to and we will give you some possible system layouts and lighting suggestions.

Design Info

Typically when given room dimensions and lighting we can provide recommendations on systems, reservoirs, fertilizers, and accessories for any given configuration. If the size or scale of your facility (and potential purchase) requires a higher level of service, we are here to help.

For more involved design information and consulting you can retain our services. Our experienced team can assist in this most crucial design phase to help make your facility the most efficient and productive.

Our consulting services include:

  • Initial Planning
    • If you are scaling up or starting with a blank slate, let us help you envision your commercial space. Our experience with commercial clients provides us with useful information for maximizing your growing environment and utilizing every square foot for peak efficiency.
  • Space Planning and Facility Design Recommendations
    • Space Planning is an integral part of the design process and often overlooked in the initial design phases. Our design team blocks out interior spatial areas, defines circulation patterns, and develops plans and layouts for work flow and equipment placement.
  • Lighting Recommendations
    • With so many options for horticulture lighting, it may be difficult to evaluate and choose the best lighting for your space, application and phase of growth. We can help you get the most out of your Under Current™ system by pairing proper lighting and making recommendations for ideal spacing and mounting.
  • Irrigation System Implementation
    • We are your irrigation specialists! We have several irrigation strategies available including recirculating water culture and high performance drip/drain-to-waste. We can assist in choosing the right system(s) based on your specific needs, setup, implementation and developing a maintenance schedule to reduce daily work load.
  • Water Storage Considerations
    • Having high quality water available for system top-off and change-outs is imperative for continual success. We offer a full line of high quality reservoirs and plumbing equipment to keep your systems running at full capacity. We also have a thorough understanding of reservoir integration, placement within the facility and nutrient management activities.
  • Planting Frequency and Sequencing
    • Plant sequencing activities are often the most time consuming duties within a commercial grow facility. Choosing the desired plant spacing, ideal overall plant sizes and best transplanting procedures is tedious. With our less-is-more approach, you can reduce overall plant numbers and increase yields while improving quality and efficiency.
  • Plant Nutrition and Nutrient Usage
    • Our Cultured Solutions™ premium plant nutrients are formulated to work specifically in our Under Current™ systems. This proven pair results in higher-quality, larger yields while using lower amounts of water and nutrients. We can formulate custom feeding schedules, overall usage projections, nutrient stocking packages and reservoir maintenance programs.
  • Consulting Exclusions
    • We have several trusted industry manufacturing partners that provide the highest quality environmental controls, meters, nutrient dosers, HVAC, water cooling and filtration equipment. We can make suggestions and referrals but we do NOT make specific equipment brand recommendations outside of our own product lines.

Our standard consulting package includes a complete report covering the above topics and engineered layout drawings. An hourly rate for individual aspects of the project design is also an option. In most cases the consulting fees can be applied directly to your final purchase.

If this is something you may be interested in please send over facility drawings or plans and any pertinent design info to  We look forward to working with you.