Commercial Sales & Solutions

Commercial Sales & Solutions

Current Culture H2O’s Under Current systems and Cultured Solutions nutrients are a “Proven Production System” and the top choice for leading commercial cultivation facilities across North America.

Professional cultivators choose the Under Current System and Cultured Solutions nutrients to deliver outstanding yields and premium quality.

This powerful cultivation combination is designed to efficiently maximize production with minimal labor and waste.

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The team at CCH2O has the experience and products to make your commercial cultivation facility efficient and productive.

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Commercial Partners

We have several trusted industry manufacturing partners that provide the highest quality environmental controls, meters, nutrient dosers, HVAC, water cooling and filtration equipment. Check out our trusted partners:

Surna – Commercial Water Chilled Cooling and HVAC

Autogrow – Environmental Controls and Automation

Argus – Commercial Environmental & Automation Equipment

Bluelab – Meters & Automation Equipment

Hydro Logic – Commercial Water Filtration

EZ-Clone – Commercial Cloning and Propagation

Link4 – Environmental Controls and Automation