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For the last 15 years, Current Culture H2O® (CCH2O) has been a market leader and innovator in hydroponic cultivation solutions for professional growers worldwide. Our Proven Production Approach includes high-performance hydroponics systems, premium hydroponic nutrients, and expert support.

These solutions are used in a wide variety of modern agricultural applications in both greenhouses and controlled environments.

High Performance Hydroponic Systems

Improving yields and quality for Professional Growers Since 2006

  • “This line of nutrients never makes me wonder what else is out there. I have had nothing but wonderful, bountiful grows under the care of this brand.”

  • “This stuff seemed to work good. Didn’t have any issues with algae this round or anything like it. Water stayed clear and buckets stayed clean.”

  • “I was given this by a friend. Once I run out, I will definitely be buying more of this product. I don’t have anything to compare it to, as this is my first grow, but this is the only nutrient made for flowering that I used, and it seemed to really help but some mass on the buds in the last few weeks.”

  • “Worked good, kept my buckets and roots clean. Ran out half way through the grow though and switched to H2O2 instead.”


Proven Production Approach

Our high-performance hydroponic systems and premium plant nutrients are utilized worldwide by the most discerning growers. This proven approach allows cultivators to efficiently produce high-quality, consistent, clean crops.

Improve Productivity and Quality With Reduced Labor


The patented Under Current® RDWC system is unmatched in productivity, efficiency, and ease of use.

Get the best results


Cultured Solutions® premium hydroponic nutrients are formulated with only the finest mineral salts, providing an exceptionally well balanced, highly-soluble nutrient solution for explosive growth.



Avoid mineral deposits and bio-films in your irrigation system with our descaling solutions Clear Line and UC Roots.

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