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Current Culture H2O now offers Auto Grow pH Mini Doser

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                                              now offers Auto Grow pH Mini Doser

Suffering pH fluctuations in your Under Current system is not only time consuming to correct, but can have a negative effect on your crop performance. Using a pH doser will monitor your pH levels as well as add pH adjuster to maintain your desired set points.

The newly redesigned PMD comes with a built-in peristaltic pump, avoiding issues associated with gravity-fed valves. This simple to use dosing unit takes the guess work out of pH adjusting. Control large volumes of nutrient solution with one pH Mini Doser!

Auto Grow, an internationally renowned horticultural technology company, has been managing pH dosing in reservoirs for over 20 years. Growers world wide have stopped the daily battle with pH levels, giving themselves more time to spend managing their plants.

Setting up the pH Mini is easy! Simply plug it in, calibrate your probe and set your dose times and intervals. The pH Mini can dose either pH Up or Down, depending on your systems needs. These units are very accurate and only need to be calibrated every two weeks.

Auto Grow pH Mini Dosers offer:

• Dependable pH maintenance
• Easy to navigate menu
• Simple calibration with 4 & 7 buffer solutions
• Auto Grow comprehensive tech support

Contact for more information on using nutrient dosers in your Under Current RDWC system.

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