New and Improved Cultured Solutions

New and Improved Cultured Solutions

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We are always looking for ways to make our products better…  We’re pleased to announce the release of our new and improved Cultured Solutions line of premium hydroponic plant nutrients! Our refined Cultured Solutions formulations provide the same proven NPK and micronutrient ratios as our previous blends but now with a professional new look and better performance.

We’ve improved the sources of key inputs resulting in a reduction of unwanted impurities and associated heavy metals. These refinements have a direct impact on the quality and healthfulness of the food, fiber and medicine grown with Cultured Solutions.

What you can expect from the New and Improved Cultured Solutions:

  • Increased Yields and Quality due to our higher grade inputs.
  • Standardized pH of each blend results in less time adjusting pH and better overall nutrient stability.
  • Intensively Filtered blends to assure a clean and sterile nutrient solution every time.
  • More Concentrated for lower usage rates and a better value.
  • Updated Look of our Cultured Solutions branding is as professional as the contents in the bottles.

We have also made some minor adjustments to our simple feeding schedule with the new and improved Cultured Solutions formulations.  Given the high concentration of minerals in Cultured Solutions, we’ve reduced the already low recommendations for Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) and Super Charged RDWC.  These reduced recommendations will improve plant performance and save you money.

Keep and eye out for our new Coco Cal: Calcium/Magnesium supplement.  It will become available in late September.  Ask your local retailer for a sample to use along with your Cultured Solutions nutrients for a complete nutrient program.

Our team is excited about these new enhancements, all of which are being implemented without a price increase on the product line.   We welcome your suggestions and comments.  For more information on our new and improved Cultured Solutions line please email

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