General Recommendations

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Current Culture H2O General Recommendations

Environmental Considerations: For best results, all aspects of the grow space should be optimized including: day and night temperatures, humidity, light levels, CO2 and air movement. Refer to the CCH2O General Recommendations chart above for specific environmental parameters.

Nutrient Solution Temperature: Maintain nutrient solution temperatures between 66° – 72°. This will allow for the highest levels of dissolved oxygen, discourage proliferation of harmful bacteria and ensure explosive root growth.

Top-Off Reservoir: Use a top-off reservoir to maintain consistent water levels in your hydroponic system. The top-off can be used for nutrient/pH steering or rapid nutrient change outs.

Adjusting pH & EC/ppm: Use one of the following methods for pH and EC/ppm adjustments. Stay within our recommended pH and EC/ppm ranges for each week of veg and bloom.

Method 1 – Top-Off Reservoir: Using a top-off reservoir makes it easy to follow weekly feeding schedules. The top-off reservoir should have a similar nutrient concentration than what’s in your hydroponic system or the following weeks nutrient schedule. For best results pH and EC/ppm adjustments should be done through the top-off reservoir.

Method 2 – Nutrient Doser: When implementing nutrient dosing or fertigation equipment be sure to consult your equipment manufacturer for the proper concentration ratios.

Method 3 – Add-Back: Adding concentrated pH adjusters or nutrients directly to your hydroponic system may result in extreme plant/root shock. Dilute desired add-back concentrates into a volume of water before slowly adding into your hydroponic system. Use a venturi, such as a Mazzei injector, to easily introduce add-backs to your hydroponic system. For more information on this method reach out to

*UC ROOTS can be added directly to the your hydroponic system at recommended rates, it has no negative impact on plants/roots.

Nutrient Change Outs: Full nutrient change outs are beneficial every 14-21 days. If pH levels become unstable or nutrient levels start to rise this may be a good indication to do a full or partial nutrient change out. When feeding aggressively, nutrient change outs every 7-10 days may be necessary.

CAUTION: Adding organics, sugars, bacteria, and enzyme products have shown to promote biofilms which destabilize pH and require more frequent nutrient change outs.