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High Pressure Aeroponic Cloning Systems

CCH2O Hydroponic System Bulletin: High Pressure Aeroponic Cloning Systems High Pressure Aeroponic Cloning Systems, Advantageous Root Development High pressure aeroponic cloning systems like CCH2O’s HP Aero Cloner are true aeroponic systems. The term “aeroponics” is...
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Hydroponic System Selection

CCH2O Hydroponic System Bulletin: Hydroponic System Selection Choosing the Right Hydro System What you need to know for hydroponic system selection. CurrentCultureH2O is a preferred growing solutions provider for indoor and greenhouse hydroponic farming, offering...
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RDWC Aeration

RDWC Aeration Aerating Hydro Systems & Increasing Dissolved Oxygen One of the key factors to the  supercharged plant development observed in active water culture systems is optimal RDWC aeration in the rhizosphere. Recirculating Deep Water...
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Hydroponic Chillers

Chilling Hydroponic Systems Using hydroponic chillers may be necessary when crops are grown in warmer environments, especially under intense grow lighting or in greenhouses with full sun.  There is often a strong and direct relationship...
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Hydroponic Dissolved Oxygen

Hydroponic Dissolved Oxygen DO for Hydro, Your Missing Link to Heavier Harvests? Elevated hydroponic dissolved oxygen levels contribute to faster crop growth and heavier harvests of healthy plants.  Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels can turn out...
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Grow Room Sanitization

CCH2O Crop Production Bulletin: by: Erik Biksa Grow room sanitization accomplished between each crop in a grow room or indoor agriculture growing...
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VPD Humidity Control for Crop Yields

CCH2O Crop Management Bulletin: By: Erik Biksa One of the most common mistakes made by experienced sealed room indoor farmers that cost yields...
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Grow Room Air Purification

Grow room air purification promotes healthier crops and a healthier working environment. Ideal grow room air smells clean and is free of dust, spores, odors and other particulates. Airborne impurities should be eliminated when growing...
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