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Over the last 10 years we’ve honed the methods and techniques growers can utilize when vegging for the Under Current systems. It is vital to get your plants off to a great start and this begins day one and continues through the vegetative process. Below you will find information on propagation techniques, choosing the correct medium and finally methods of vegging for the Under Current.

Propagation / Cloning

Choosing the correct propagation method can have a great impact on the results of your harvest. Selecting healthy cuttings, then propagating them in the correct method will ensure optimal growth. This will ultimately translate into lush, healthy vegetative growth ready to be transferred into the Under Current.

Aero / EZ Clonerez-cloner-image

  • Aero systems are a method of hydroponics that uses fine mist to deliver oxygen rich nutrient solution to fresh cuttings. Cuttings are suspended in the air, while the end of the fresh cut stalk is suspended within the growth module. The stalk is then sprayed with oxygen rich nutrient solution resulting in increased root growth rates.
  • This method of propagation gets cuttings off to a great start and transfers well into the Under Current systems. It is possible to grow a substantial root mass in a shorter period when compared to other propagation techniques. The increased growth rates from aero systems can jump start a small plant in the Under Current system.
  • Follow the recommend dosage and ensure your system is running correctly. Look for roots to show on fresh cuttings within 7-10 days. They will be ready for transplanting into a net pot or your chosen vegetative system when a healthy root mass is formed.


  • Rockwool is an inert medium that can be used for multiple growing methods. It is made by heating basaltic rock and spinning into fibers, then cooling these fibers rapidly to create an airy substrate that is great for plant propagation.
  • The major advantage of Rockwool cubes is the versatility they provide. It can be used in conjunction with other growing methods such as hydroponics, coco coir and soil. It is also a great way to start off clones because of the blank canvas it provides growers to work with. Rockwool is also inexpensive, easy to use and commonly available, which makes an excellent propagation method to transfer into the Under Current systems.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s suggested pH and nutrient dosages, while also utilizing UC Roots to ensure healthy root growth. Plants will be ready to transplant when there is a healthy root mat on the bottom of the Rockwool cube. These can then be directly transplanted into a net pot or into a larger 4” Rockwool cube for veg.

Choosing A Grow Medium

The next decision a grower must make is what grow medium they will utilize in their vegetative system. The two recommend mediums for the Under Current system are Clay Pebbles or Rockwool cubes. With the preferred medium being Clay Pebbles.

Net Pot: If starting with a bare root cutting or Rockwool clone and plan to go directly into a net pot.


  • Direct transfer of established cuttings into a net pot offers an easy transition that can be used for multiple growing methods. This technique allows plants to veg in the same net pot they will be bloomed in. Resulting in a seamless transition and reduction of time it takes for plants to adjust to new growing environments.

Rockwool: If starting with Rockwool clone and plan to go directly into 4” Rockwool cube.

  • 4in-rockwool-imageEstablished cuttings can be transferred into a larger 4” Rockwool cube, this method offers versatility and a familiar environment if cuttings were started in Rockwool. This familiar environment will limit the amount of stress that transplanting can put on plants.

 Best Vegging Methods for the Under Current 

Under Current System

  • Vegging for Under Current bloom systems can be done by utilizing another layout configuration of the Under Current system such the Under Current 8-gallon or Under Current PRO 35-gallon growth modules. Fitting the Under Current 8-gallon or Under Current PRO 35-gallon with one of our multiple site lid configurations is an excellent way to get the most out of your growing space. Your plants will benefit greatly from being vegged in the same method that they will be bloomed in. Increased uc-solopro11_2016webgrowth rates and reduction in vegetative times are some of the benefits growers can expect when vegging in the Under Current.
  • If using a bare root cutting, place onto the net pot 2” planting deck and surround with Growstones. Set water level just below the root crown. Rockwool started plants should also be placed onto the planting deck and surrounded by Clay Pebbles, with water levels maintained ¼” under the top of the 2” planting deck. (Proper Water Levels In RDWC)lid-quad-5web
  • Recommended lid configurations
    • Under Current 8-gallon
      • 1, 2, 4 site lid
      • 5” net pot
    • Under Current PRO 35-gallon module
      • 1, 4, 6, 8, or 11 site lid
      • 8” / 5.5” net pot
  • Vegetative times for the Under Current Bloom Systems*Note* – If vegging longer than the recommend times listed below, root pruning may be necessary before transplanting into bloom system.
    • Under Current 8-gallon:
      • Standard spacing: 1-2 weeks or 12”-18” plants
      • XL spacing: 2-3 weeks or 18”-24” plants
    • Under Current PRO:
      • 1 site lid: 6-8 weeks or 48”-60” plants
      • 4 site lid: 3-4 weeks or 16” plants
      • 6 site lid: 2-3 weeks or 12” plants
      • 8 site lid: 1-2 weeks or 10” plants
      • 11 site lid: 1 week or 8” plants


  • Trays are a simple and versatile vegging method for the Under Current bloom systems. Its simplicity makes it an easy method that can fit any sized room and a great choice if space is limited. An inexpensive option, trays have widely available parts and multiple options for irrigation. Plants are easily rearranged and transferred to bloom systems. Tray systems promote strong root development and are easy to maintain, which makes them a great choice for new growers.
  • Multiple growing methods include drip, ebb and flow, or bubble/DWC. The chosen irrigation method will determine the watering cycle. Choose the irrigation technique that best suits your grow room and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Plants are directly transferred onto trays in net pot or 4” Rockwool cube after propagation, this is where plants will spend their vegetative cycle. Be sure to give plants sufficient space to grow, as their footprint will expand as they develop. The grow medium is saturated several times a day or continuously fed, depending on the chosen irrigation method. It is these dry and wet cycles that allow oxygen into the grow medium, resulting in lush vegetative growth. Veg until desired height is achieved, then transfer into your Under Current bloom system.

Utilizing the above outlined methods and techniques will ensure an easy transition for plants into their bloom cycle in the Under Current system. Plants that are given a healthy start have the ability to reach their full potential. Each growing environment is different and what works for one garden may not be the best for the next. Be willing to experiment and discover what works for you and your plants. Enjoy the process and keep growing!

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