Bluelab Products

Bluelab Products

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Current Culture H2O has recently partnered with Bluelab to offer their extensive line of professional grade metering products. We want our growers to be successful and our Under Current systems complement perfectly with Bluelab’s superior equipment.

Bluelab, based in New Zealand, manufactures high quality electronic products for hydroponic cultivation systems.  Their pH and nutrient meters are revered amongst professional growers worldwide.

With their customers in mind, Bluelab’s products are intuitive, user friendly and reliable. Their new line of Connect-enabled meters use innovative wireless technology to allow growers to view and adjust nutrient levels from their PC or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Bluelab Products

Current Culture H2O is a proud supplier of Bluelab products, including the Combometer, Guardian, and pH Controller. The Bluelab Combometer allows you to assess your pH, nutrient levels and temperature wirelessly while the Guardian constantly monitors your crop parameters. The pH Controller monitors and doses pH buffer solution to keep system pH levels ideal. The Guardian and pH Controller are available with the Connect feature, which enables growers to remotely track their system through free downloadable software.

For more information ask your local Current Culture H2O authorized dealer or visit Bluelab’s website at

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