Joe Corey

Senior Designer


With over 20 years professional design experience built on a foundation of fine arts training, I posses a unique blend of a highly creative perspective melded with a pragmatic approach to utilize the latest technology to create rich digital media experiences. My agile approach is optimized for innovative digital content creation that places a good amount of emphasis on accuracy, utilizing best practices to avoid redundant workflows or errors that can be avoided with clear communication and emphasis on attention to detail. I strive to adopt a measure twice, cut once philosophy that focuses on clear team communication, collaboration and leveraging compatible assets for use within multiple platforms and mediums. I have the ability to develop virtually any asset such as typographic styles, illustrations, animations, audio and video content and data driven elements that are compatible with print, web and mobile applications that can easily be utilized to achieve fast and comprehensive workflows. With my many years of technical experience utilizing a wide array of software has given me a solid understanding of the limitations and capabilities of content creation. My innate passion for creating aesthetically pleasing artwork that is appropriate relative to the many industries I have worked on in the past is something a little more subjective. I believe that my eye for good design it is a skill that cannot be taught through design tutorials or higher education, and is what differentiates my work from a larger cross section of designers


Senior Designer | CCH2O
Creative Director | As1 Solutions
Environmental Designer | Signtech Electrical Advertising, Inc.
Principal | Double Click Digital
Rich Media Designer and Developer | Hewlett-Packard


Coding Skill70%
WordPress 60%
Digital Documentation50%
Industrial Design45%

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Phone : (559)-283-2600
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