Cultured Solutions Bud Booster Late


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Cultured Solutions® BUD BOOSTER – LATE is an exceptionally pure, powdered nutrient, specifically formulated for the ripening period of the bloom cycle. Higher levels of Phosphorus and Potassium during the late flower phase encourage plants to reach final maturation and maximize essential oil production.

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General: Introduce during the final 2 weeks of flower. Should be used in conjunction with Cultured Solutions Coco Cal & Bloom A/B Blends

Rockwool/Coco/Soilless: Refer to Cultured Solutions Drain to Waste Feeding Schedule (Classic Version).

RDWC/DWC/Aero/NFT: Refer to Cultured Solutions Recirculating Hydro Feeding Schedule (Classic Version).

For recommendations not covered in the Cultured Solutions Feeding Schedule, contact support at

– Dissolve in water before introducing concentrate into the nutrient solution.
– Do not pour unused fertilizer back into the bottle.
– Maintain clean measuring devices.
– Store in a cool, dark area.

Guaranteed Analysis

NPK: 1 – 40 – 22
Potassium Phosphate
Potassium Sulfate
Magnesium Sulfate
Ammonium Phosphate