NURAVINE – Automated Fill/ Drain Module

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Upgrade your recirculating system with the Recirculating Fill & Drain Kit. Designed for users of the Nuravine dosing system, this kit grants you full control over your UC system’s filling, draining, and changeouts.

The kit includes the Flux Controller and Monitor for precise water flow regulation, along with a Hydroponic Flow Meter and Level Sensor for accurate water level readings. Manage water flow with the included 120V Relays, Ball Valve, and Solenoid Valve, and ensure a perfect fit with our Custom Port hole cover.

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NURAVINE – Automated Fill/ Drain Module

1x Flux
1x Flow meter
1x Level Sensor (18″)
1x Custom Port Hole Cover
Solenoid Valve (Fill)
2x 120V Relay (One for recirc pump, one for drain pump)
2-way Ball valve (Drain)

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UC8, UC13, UCC