UC Roots is the most versatile root zone optimizer

UC Roots: The Most Versatile Root Zone Optimizer

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Promote incredibly healthy root growth with UC Roots, the most versatile root zone optimizer available! Cultured Solutions® UC Roots is a water treatment solution that aids the growth of the roots by sterilizing, oxidizing and descaling the root zone.

Why Should I Use UC Roots in my Under Current® System?

UC Roots works in myriad ways that are highly beneficial to your entire hydroponic system. UC Roots promotes a healthy, sterile root environment. UC Roots enhances the efficiency of other Cultured Solutions® products, minimizes cleaning and reduces maintenance.

What are the benefits of using UC Roots?UCRoots-hydroponic-nutrients

There are various benefits that come with using Cultured Solutions® UC Roots! With its oxidizing and sanitizing properties, UC Roots helps maintain a clean hydroponic system by dissolving mineral scale development and keeping nutrients soluble. By keeping the ORP high UC Roots decreases the chance of pathogen buildup. UC Roots is non-caustic and has a neutral pH so it is completely safe for you and your plants.

Can I use UC Roots in other systems?

Yes, you can! Our California made root zone conditioner is ideal in water culture but is acceptable for use in all hydroponic cultivation methods. UC Roots can be used in water culture, aero cloners, drip with coco or rockwool and ebb and flow methods. UC Roots has descaling properties and keeps systems clean of calcium scale and bacterial growth. For drip systems, UC Roots keeps drippers clean and helps maintain adequate flow. UC Roots also aids in keeping ebb and flow trays and reservoirs free of buildup.

How do I use UC Roots?

  • For maintenance, add 3-5mL of UC Roots per gallon every 5-7 days (under 70°) or every 3-5 days (over 70°).
  • To flush your system, add 10mL per gallon for no more than 24 hours.
  • If you want to clean your Under Current® system, add 30mL per gallon let circulate for 24 hours, drain and refill.
  • In bare root cloner, use 5mL per gallon and repeat application every 3-5 days. For UC Roots as a clone dip, use 30-60 mL per gallon.

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