Small Scale Systems & DIY Components

Grow Big in Small Places. Cultivate Clean.  Yield a Healthy Life.

High Pressure Aeroponics is a great way to grow seed starts for hydroponic systems or to plant directly into outdoor garden beds. HPA systems produce vigorous leafy greens and herbs with minimal water and fertilizer. Due to the rapid growth of aeroponics, crop cycles are accelerated vs soil grow crops, generally by 30-40%, meaning more produce, more often. 

Deep Water Culture is simple to use and well suited for larger vine crops, peppers and squash, providing ample room for root growth throughout the cycle. DWC systems are easy to set up and can be plumbed directly to a faucet or plumbed to a reservoir for a semi-automated process. Systems require very little oversight, and as long as water conditions are well maintained (similar to maintaining a spa), plants grow with unmatched vigor. 

Operating water culture systems is simple and provides a level of automated irrigation which saves time spent watering. Because hydroponic crops stay well hydrated plants have strong pest resistance and a reduced need for pesticides. With a good environment and proper maintenance, recirculating and non-recirculating water culture systems produce consistent, productive results with minimal effort. Grow clean, go hydro.


DWC – Deep Water Culture

Deep water culture systems offer a nearly effortless operation while producing prolific results. This approach takes minimal inputs and is water-conservative when operated properly under suitable environmental conditions. Because DWC doesn’t require chillers, it offers an affordable to get growing in water culture   

RDWC – Recirculating Deep Water Culture

Widely recognized for its high-quality flower production, Recirculating Deep Water Culture is quickly becoming the method of choice for craft cultivators and professionals throughout the world. RDWC pairs well with automation and provides a level of root zone control, all while requiring no grow medium. A variety of crops thrive in water culture conditions, it’s perfect for the backyard or the grow room.

HPA – High Pressure Aeroponics

High-Pressure Aeroponics delivers effortless results for a range of functions from seed starting and rooting cuttings, to growing small crops full term. Simply put, HPA is the most water and nutrient-efficient method practiced in modern agriculture. The ease of use and quality of production that aeroponics provides is unmatched. Strong propagation is the foundation to successful cultivation.  

DIY – CCH2O Hydroponic Parts

Current Culture H2O offers a wide array of purpose-built hydroponic components, ranging from bulkheads to net pots. These are the same premium, American-made parts that CCH2O uses OEM in their various hydro systems. These components can be utilized for personal builds, adding a level of quality and function to any DIY hydro system.