System Layout and Product Support

Current Culture H2O’s proven hydroponic systems and high-performance liquid nutrients are designed for professional cultivators looking for consistent, repeatable results while minimizing the cost of production.

Why work with Current Culture H2O?

Save Time, Money and Resources

Professionally designed layouts for hydroponic irrigation, water management, benches, humidification and environmental controls ensure optimal function and complete systems integration.

Early Engagement

Early-stage engagement enables Current Culture H2O to ensure the proper layout of key equipment and systems. This helps to prevent mistakes and re-work later in the project lifecycle, ultimately saving time and money by bringing the operation online faster.

Professional Designs

We create thoughtful layouts for facilities that are positioned to compete in a growing cannabis market, both today and well into the future. 

Maximize Investment and Budget

Our experienced team provides valuable insights to reduce costs and ensure the facility is designed to meet the needs of your business and cultivation style. We recommend and supply only professional-grade equipment selected for durability and longevity in cultivation environments.


Hydroponics Systems

Water Culture Systems
Aeroponic Propagation

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Plant Nutrition

Clean and pH Stable
Liquid Nutrients
Descaling Solutions

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Water Management

Distribution Pumps
Storage Tanks
Valves & Fittings

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Benches & Mobile Racking

Mobile Benches
Stationary Benches
Vertical Racks

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