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add back kit

Add Back Kit – Now Available!

New Product Alert: the CCH2O Add Back Kit is Now Available! The Add Back Kit (ABK) provides a simple approach to adding concentrated fertilizers or pH adjustors directly into your Under Current® system. The Add Back Kit utilizes a patented Mazzei injector to pull concentrates directly into the system’s solution. The Add Back Kit uses […]

Growers Blog: Water Levels

Maintaining proper water levels in RDWC or your Under Current system is an essential part of successful plant production. Though often over looked, improper or sudden changes to water levels can cause undue stress which could negatively affect yield and quality. We’ve designed our Under Current RDWC system to allow the grower total control of all […]

Top-Off Reservoir

Using a Top-off Reservoir to Maintain your Hydroponics System

Do I need a top-off reservoir? The short answer is yes!  Having a top-off reservoir connected to your hydroponic system or Under Current will allow you to maintain accurate water levels and nutrient levels throughout the course of a growing cycle. A top-off reservoir can also be used for fresh water storage.  This is helpful […]