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Growers Blog: Required Accessories

Running an advanced hydroponic system such as the Under Current requires additional accessories to maximize the potential a garden can offer. Ensuring your garden has the ideal conditions it needs to produce can be made easier with these required accessories. In our latest Growers Blog, you will find out how best to utilize these accessories […]

Growers Blog: Top 5

With so many growing methods out there, it can be a daunting task as a grower in choosing the right application for your garden. Each method has its loyal practitioners and piece of the gardening world. These methods include drip systems, ebb n’ flow, recirculating, flood and drain and water culture just to name a […]

Growers Blog: Troubleshooting

Have troubleshooting questions about your Under Current system? Below you will find the most common issues growers may have when growing in the Under Current. Issues touched upon include pH instability, root health, leaf and stem growth and finally system issues. You will find the cause and effect for each issue, along with treatment regimens and […]

Growers Blog: Water Levels

Maintaining proper water levels in RDWC or your Under Current system is an essential part of successful plant production. Though often over looked, improper or sudden changes to water levels can cause undue stress which could negatively affect yield and quality. We’ve designed our Under Current RDWC system to allow the grower total control of all […]

New and Improved Cultured Solutions

New and Improved Cultured Solutions

We are always looking for ways to make our products better…  We’re pleased to announce the release of our new and improved Cultured Solutions line of premium hydroponic plant nutrients! Our refined Cultured Solutions formulations provide the same proven NPK and micronutrient ratios as our previous blends but now with a professional new look and better performance. We’ve […]

UC Roots is the most versatile root zone optimizer

UC Roots: The Most Versatile Root Zone Optimizer

Promote incredibly healthy root growth with UC Roots, the most versatile root zone optimizer available! Cultured Solutions® UC Roots is a water treatment solution that aids the growth of the roots by sterilizing, oxidizing and descaling the root zone. Why Should I Use UC Roots in my Under Current® System? UC Roots works in myriad […]

Under Current Upgrades

2016 Upgrades – Under Current® RDWC System

Under Current RDWC System Upgrades 2016 It’s hard to believe we’re approaching 10 years of offering the Under Current® RDWC system to growers around the world. Over the years we’ve made countless improvements in an effort to provide the best RDWC hydroponic system on the market. It’s our drive for excellence that fuels these continual […]

Mycostop Biological Fungicide For Water Culture – Updated Recommendations

Developed from a naturally occurring bacteria, Streptomyces griseoviridis, Mycostop thrives in the root zone of plants. In doing so it creates a biological defense against root infecting pathogenic fungi which cause disease such as wilt and root rot. Mycostop has been shown (in independent trials) to increase plant vigor and yields even in the absence […]

Surna Cool Coil Layout for Multiple Under Current Systems

Cooling Multiple Under Current RDWC Nutrient Solutions with Surna’s CoolCoil

When growing hydroponically, maintaining proper nutrient temperature is essential to plant health. If the nutrient solution temperature rises above 72°F, harmful bacteria will start to grow, thus risking the health of your crop. Because most grow environments are kept above this temperature for plant growth, it is important to cool nutrient systems separately.   When […]

Earth Smart Drip System

Earth Smart DTW Drip and Fertigation System Coming Summer 2015!

Anticipation for the release of the Earth Smart DTW system is beginning to mount in the hydro community. We’ve taken our commitment to optimizing plant cultivation methods and focused it squarely on soil and soilless gardening with this unique and effective series of tools. Though designed for large scale warehouse and greenhouse applications, the ES maintains its effectiveness when scaled down. […]