Keep Crops Hydrated. Precision Irrigation Maintained. Clear ROI Achieved. 


Hypochlorous Acid has been used for decades by greenhouse growers and horticulturalists around the world to keep irrigation systems operating properly. Clear Line HOCL is produced utilizing a highly reliable electrolysis process to create the active ingredient. The solution is then stabilized for bottling to provide a shelf life suitable for agricultural applications.

Highly compatible with a wide variety of fertigation programs, HOCL is non-hazardous to handle and non-toxic plants when used within pre-established dosages. Utilizing Hypochlorous Acid is a simple and effective means of increasing the operational life span of irrigation plumbing while saving money on maintenance and replacement equipment. Take the worry out of fertigation by integrating HOCL into your fertilizer program.

Often mistaken as a sterilizer, HOCL is primarily utilized by cultivators as a mineral descaler, reducing the potentially detrimental build-up of mineral salts that can clog drip emitters and films within irrigation plumbing. These build-ups can interrupt irrigation cycles if left untreated, leading to plant dehydration and other related issues.


Why Choose Clear Line Professional Strength Hypochlorous Acid?

– Most Concentrated.

  • Clear Line is +1500ppm of active ingredient (HOCL)
  • Athena “Cleanse”, Drip “Flow” are +/- 280ppm of active ingredient (HOCL)

(1X) 55-gallon barrel of Clear Line is the equivalent of a (1X) 275-gallon tote of Athena “Cleanse”, Drip “Flow”, Etc.

– Low Application Rate.

  • Clear Line hydroponic usage recommendation is 1mL per gallon
  • Athena “Cleanse”, Drip “Flow” hydroponic usage recommendation is 5mL per gallon

– Saves Money.

  • Clear Line is 0.01439 cents per mixed gallon
  • Athena “Cleanse”, Drip “Flow” are +/- 0.02275 cents per mixed gallon

The comparative cost per mixed gallon (based on commercial pricing) to achieve the same % of HOCL in solution. Clear Line delivers cultivators significant savings of 35-40% as compared to using Athena “Cleanse”, Drip “Flow” or other comparable products.