Low Plant Density Cultivation – RDWC

Reduced Plant Counts. Yield More with Less.  Proven Crop Performance.

Widely recognized for its high-quality flower production, Recirculating Deep Water Culture is used by professional cultivators throughout the world to produce award-winning results. RDWC grown flower has become amongst the most sought after flower by cultivators and consumers alike, due in large part to the pure outcome. Because RDWC operates at such low EC (electrical conductivity), plants uptake minimal fertilizers and associated impurities that can make less palatable results. 

Typically, optimal plant spacing is at 2Ft. plant centers,  with each plant occupying roughly 5 Sq. Ft.. It’s worth noting that many cultivators grow much larger plants successfully, which is especially useful where plant count restrictions apply. Though very prolific in terms of yield per plant, this approach provides fewer crop turns per year than the 14-21 day vegging approach. Ultimately, its a matter of choice as to what works best relative to the details of the situation. Grow trees, not stress.

Under Current – RDWC systems offer a simple-to-operate approach, well-suited for applications ranging from CEA indoor to sun-grown greenhouses. Renowned for producing the highest quality fruits, flowers, and essential oil profiles. RDWC systems recirculate oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone 24/7 ensuring pH, EC and temperature levels are uniform throughout the system during the growing cycle. This approach results in unmatched productivity, efficiency, and ease of use, and is ideal for integration with automation and fertigation systems for commercial standardization.



Our most popular configuration, adapts to a wide range of environments these 8-gallon growth modules have a 25” plant center,  requiring a 14-21 day optimal veg time to produce 3″- 4’ tall plants. 


Our recommendation for production applications these 13-gallon growth modules have a 30” plant center,  requiring a 21-28 day optimal veg time to produce 4’ – 5’ tall plants. 

System CAD Drawings

UCXL - 8 Gallon - 25" Plant Spacing






**Some additional CAD drawings may be available upon request**

UCXL13 - 13 Gallon - 30" Plant Spacing






**Some additional CAD drawings may be available upon request**