Nutrient Calculators

Nutrient Calculators

These Nutrient Calculators are tailored to suit different growing methods
Select the calculator that best suits your growing situation

Nutrient Calculator

Use our simple nutrient calculator to get recommended quantities of Cultured Solutions® nutrients for your Under Current® system or Aquifer™ reservoir. Fill in the yellow box below with your total system or reservoir volume in gallons. If you don’t know your systems volume you can check out the specs on the individual system page or use the volume information below:

A. 8 gallon Growth Module = 6 gallons water (when filled to the inner lip)
B. 13 gallon Growth Module = 10 gallons (when filled to 1” above inner lip)
C. 35 gallon Growth Module = 30 gallons (when filled to 30 gallon water level mark)
D. Depending on the size of the system the PVC manifold can hold an additional 5-10% of the total volume.

All Cultured Solutions® quantity recommendations are in mL/gallon and are based on our standard air delivery ratio of 0.75lpm/gal. If you have supercharged your air delivery system you may need to reduce the recommendations by an additional 50%.

For best results maintain pH between 5.8 – 6.2, allow pH levels to swing between 5.5 – 6.5 without making adjustments. Maintain PPM or EC levels within our general recommendations.