Water Management

Prioritize Consistency. Increase Efficiency. Reduce Labor. 

Regardless of the size and scale of the application, proper water management is a key factor in maintaining a productive cultivation facility. Because nutrient solutions for recirculating systems require adjustment to keep the pH and electrical conductivity within target ranges, it requires automation to standardize these processes.

Though this can be achieved by technicians taking readings and making adjustments, automating pH and EC measurements and subsequent adjustments moderates root-zone conditions and minimizes unwanted fluctuations. Most importantly, it eliminates the need for redundant labor and delivers more reliable, repeatable results.


Hydroponic Solution Chillers & UV Sterilization

Solution Chillers provide precise temperature control for irrigation reservoirs and hydroponic systems. Chillers integrate seamlessly into a wide range of applications providing a reliable solution for controlling nutrient solution temperatures. Paired with inline UV Sterilization, this approach reduces the likelihood of pathogen pressures, helping to ensure optimal crop performance.

Booster Pumps & Irrigation Valves

Moving water and nutrient solutions from source points to cultivation areas occurs daily and requires reliable equipment. Paired with the use of solenoid and electronic valves, the fluid transfer can be automated with the use of controllers to reduce labor and provide more repeatable processes. 

Automated Dosing & Valve Control

Configurable to Batch Dosing or Recirculating Water Culture applications, Nuravine automated systems provide the dosing, monitoring and valve control necessary to automate processes and reduce associated labor and inconsistency. Utilizing precision US-made sensors, Aurora presents accurate readings of pH, EC, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and ORP levels. View a quick snapshot on the device or dive deep into analysis on Nuravine Cloud.