Order something by mistake? Have a part break in shipping? Need to get a warranty repair on a pump? Fill out the RMA Form below and we will take care of your return as quickly as possible. Please do not send broken/warranty items to us without and RMA Form included.

RMA Process

1. Fill out the RMA Form below or send an email to tech@cch2o.com with the info from the RMA Form.

2. The RMA Request is either granted or denied based on the information provided.  If granted an RMA # is issued.  If denied more info may be requested.

3. Send approved RMA items to CCH2O with a copy of the RMA form.

4. Hold for receipt of failed items/Send New Items

A. If incorrect/mis-ordered items need to be returned and new items do NOT need to be sent:  Hold for receipt of failed items.

B. Invoice and charge for Replacement items.

C. Attach paid invoice to RMA form.

5. Receive Failed Items

A. Confirm item is failed/broken.

B. Find corresponding RMA Form.

6. Repair, Issue Credit, Send New Merchandise

A. Repair if possible, return to customer.

B. Issue credit for payments on replacement invoices

Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Request Form


Your Name


Phone Number

Your Email (required)

Item To Be Returned



Reason For Return


Date of purchase?

Name of Authorized Retailer where Products were Purchased

**If a replacement is issued, CCH2O does not cover the cost of shipping replacement items. Customer will be notified of shipping charges for approval and payment information prior to issuing replacement items.