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RDWC Hydroponics Systems
Under Current® RDWC hydroponics systems utilize negative water pressure to recirculate oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone. This high-performance water culture system is unmatched in productivity, quality, layout versatility and ease of use.
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Exceptional Quality
Tests Cleans


Superior Extraction Yields
Stronger Terpene Profiles


Increased Efficiency
Accelerated Growth Rates


Rapid ROI
Increased Gross Profits

11CCH2O Under Current RDWC hydroponics system how it works

The patented Under Current® RDWC Hydroponics System is recognized as the gold standard for hydroponic crop production.

The most proven and widely utilized Recirculating Deep Water Culture hydroponic system in the world, the Under Current® is renowned for producing the very highest quality fruits, flowers, and essential oil profiles.

This unique, high-performance water culture system utilizes negative water pressure to recirculate oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone. Requiring no timers, the 24/7 circulation and aeration encourages rapid root growth and ensures pH and EC levels are uniform throughout the entire system.

Highly regarded for its unparalleled growth rates and record-setting yields, the Under Current® is simple to operate and well suited for residential, professional and commercial facility applications.

Improve Productivity and Quality With Reduced Labor

The patented Under Current® is ideal for integration with automation and fertigation systems for commercial standardization. It is Current Culture H2O’s proprietary method to circulate oxygenated nutrient solution throughout the root zone.

This approach ensures pH and EC levels are uniform during the growing cycle, resulting in unmatched productivity, efficiency, and ease of use.


  • “This line of nutrients never makes me wonder what else is out there. I have had nothing but wonderful, bountiful grows under the care of this brand.”

  • “This stuff seemed to work good. Didn’t have any issues with algae this round or anything like it. Water stayed clear and buckets stayed clean.”

  • “I was given this by a friend. Once I run out, I will definitely be buying more of this product. I don’t have anything to compare it to, as this is my first grow, but this is the only nutrient made for flowering that I used, and it seemed to really help but some mass on the buds in the last few weeks.”

  • “Worked good, kept my buckets and roots clean. Ran out half way through the grow though and switched to H2O2 instead.”


Predictable, Repeteable Results with
Fewer Inputs and Less Waste

Increased Yields

Efficient nutrient uptake accelerates growth rates and increases flower production.

Proven Nutrient Formula

The Under Current® + Cultured Solutions® nutrients are a proven production approach trusted by professional growers.

Automation Ready

Constant recirculation makes it easy to automate fill/drain cycles and add nutrient monitoring, dosing and fertigation.

Commercially Scalable

Centralize aeration, fertigation and water management for precise system control and visibility. *Design services available.

Professional Construction

Durable greenhouse grade components designed to last in harsh cultivation environments.

More Crop Turns

Achieve 5-6+ harvests per year with reduced veg times, rapid transplanting, and simple sanitization protocols.

Reduced Labor & Maintenance

Lower nutrient concentrations and consistent pH/EC levels decrease nutrient change-outs and flushing.

Layout Versatility

Unlimited system configurations to outfit any cultivation space.2, 3 and 4-row options. Up to 80-sites.

Modular Design

Interchangeable components allow you to effortlessly add plant sites or change your system configuration as your operation grows.

Patented Design

Thoughtful design with multiple patents: 9,277,696, 9,258,953, 8,915,016, 8,726,568, D858,345, D886,246

Proven Production Approach

Our high-performance hydroponic systems and premium plant nutrients are utilized worldwide by the most discerning growers. This proven approach allows cultivators to efficiently produce high-quality, consistent, clean crops.

Improve Productivity and Quality With Reduced Labor


The patented Under Current® RDWC system is unmatched in productivity, efficiency, and ease of use.

Get the best results


Cultured Solutions® premium hydroponic nutrients are formulated with only the finest mineral salts, providing an exceptionally well balanced, highly-soluble nutrient solution for explosive growth.



Avoid mineral deposits and bio-films in your irrigation system with our descaling solutions Clear Line and UC Roots.

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