High Plant Density Cultivation – RDWC

Higher Plant Counts. More Crop Turns.  Improved Plant Flow.

Traditionally RDWC has been associated with large plant cultivation, utilized primarily in regions with regulatory restrictions on plant counts. Due to the prolific nature of RDWC, cultivators chose this method to optimize the yields per each plant to maximize crop output. With plant restrictions becoming less of an issue many RDWC growers are looking to increase plant counts and transition to cultivating more plants per square foot.

Freshly rooted bare root cuttings and established seedlings can be transplanted directly into the system, allowed to acclimate for a period of 5-10 days, then quickly transitioned into flowering. This approach eliminates the need for dedicated veg rooms and added labor required to facilitate the additional steps involved with pre-vegging. Increased crop turns per year equals increased profits.

Under Current – RDWC systems offer a simple-to-operate approach, well-suited for applications ranging from CEA indoor to sun-grown greenhouses. Renowned for producing the highest quality fruits, flowers, and essential oil profiles. RDWC systems recirculate oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone 24/7 ensuring pH, EC and temperature levels are uniform throughout the system during the growing cycle. This approach results in unmatched productivity, efficiency, and ease of use, and is ideal for integration with automation and fertigation systems for commercial standardization.



This 2-row system adapts well to a wide range of environments including greenhouse and CEA, these 35-gallon growth modules have a +/- 12” plant center,  requiring a 5-10 day optimal veg time to produce 18″- 24″ tall plants. 

System CAD Drawings

UCC - 35 Gallon - 2-Row







**Some additional CAD drawings may be available upon request**