High Pressure Aeroponic Cloning Systems

CCH2O Hydroponic System Bulletin: High Pressure Aeroponic Cloning Systems

High Pressure Aeroponic Cloning Systems, Advantageous Root Development

High pressure aeroponic cloning systems like CCH2O’s HP Aero Cloner are true aeroponic systems. The term “aeroponics” is most often used to describe any type of water culture system that feeds supported bare root plants with a nutrient and oxygen rich spray rather than a film or volume of nutrient solution (ie NFT, DWC, RDWC).


Why High Pressure Aeroponics

Some types of aeroponics systems spray droplets, of varying sizes, rather than a “mist” depending on the emitter type and of course pressure they are delivered at. This is a key point of difference in the potential performance of an aeroponic system: droplet size.

Larger droplets, typically delivered at low pressures from the manifold and pump, have less surface area. High pressure aeroponics cloning systems produce a finer mist when coupled with the right emitter. A fine mist has a considerably larger surface area.  More surface area means more oxygen, water and nutrients are actually contacting and surrounding bare plant roots. The end result is explosive root growth in early development, faster growth rates and a higher crop yield potential.

CCH2O High Pressure Aeroponics Cloning System Advantages

While increasing the surface area available for roots to receive elevated levels of oxygen, water and nutrients, there are other key advantages in Current Culture H2O’s system design:

  • multi tray layouts allow for extensive scalability, including vertical multi tiered configurations
  • centralized reservoir makes it easier and cost effective for chilling, dosing, reservoir changes and monitoring; one reservoir can operate a high number of aero mods
  • HP aero cloner mods are sturdy and lightweight; since the reservoir is centralized, they can be moved easily when full of plants, ie carts
  • supplied with PermaClone collars, there is nothing to throw away or replace; PermaClone cloning collars may ve cleaned and reused for up to 5 years
  • the HP Aero Pump Station  is supplied with cycle timer, mist indicator and low-pressure alarm (7 amps @ 110v); providing adjustable, effective and reliable control of air to moisture ratios in the attached aeroponic mods

Expert System Design & Operation

The Current Culture H2O HP aero cloner system design has been developed and refined based on years of intimate working relationships with leading high production cultivation facilities. These units are designed for fast rooting, explosive root growth. They were also built for real-life commercial growing situations–CCH2O understands the needs of commercial cultivators from years of working as a professional cultivation solutions provider.

Commercial HP aeroponic cloning systems are supplied complete, leaving no guesswork for producing healthy crops of aeroponic clones consistently.  That’s why each complete system is supplied with professional level SOP’s (standard operating procedures). This valuable guide potentiates the growing potential of each cloning cycle and helps ensure years of trouble-free use, regardless of grower skill level or experience with aero cloning.  Additionally, all Current Culture H2O systems come with a lifetime of expert system support by phone, instant messenger or email.

Modular & Stackable

The available four standard sizes, from 210 clone sites (2′ x 4′ two-tier rack) to 840 clone sites (2′ x 16′ two-tier rack) allow for a wide range of configurations and layouts while taking advantage of available vertical space. Current Culture H2O can help turn just about any sized or shaped space into a high output indoor plant cloning factory.

Custom Growing Solutions

Current Culture H2O’s commercial sales department can help your indoor farming facility plan and develop a high pressure aeroponic cloning system of any scale–based on your requirements. We can help you identify and address any potential limitations before you get started, ensuring that your growing endevors remain both productive and profitable.

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