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Growers Blog: Required Accessories

Running an advanced hydroponic system such as the Under Current requires additional accessories to maximize the potential a garden can offer. Ensuring your garden has the ideal conditions it needs to produce can be made easier with these required accessories. In our latest Growers Blog, you will find out how best to utilize these accessories […]

Growers Blog: Environment

Environment is everything when growing high value crops. It is the basis for success that a great harvest is built upon. This begins with dialing in environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, pH, ppm/EC, CO2 and water temperature. Great care must be taken to ensure plants receive these environmental requirements to produce at their optimal […]

Growers Blog: Cleaning and Sterilizing

The first step to any successful harvest begins in the preparation and planning stages. Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) allows the grower full control over every aspect of their plants growing environment. This includes providing a clean and sterile environment for optimal growing conditions. This sometimes overlooked step allows the grow room to operate at peak […]

Growers Blog: Vegetative Growth

Over the last 10 years we’ve honed the methods and techniques growers can utilize when vegging for the Under Current systems. It is vital to get your plants off to a great start and this begins day one and continues through the vegetative process. Below you will find information on propagation techniques, choosing the correct […]

Growers Blog: Top 5

With so many growing methods out there, it can be a daunting task as a grower in choosing the right application for your garden. Each method has its loyal practitioners and piece of the gardening world. These methods include drip systems, ebb n’ flow, recirculating, flood and drain and water culture just to name a […]

Growers Blog: Troubleshooting

Have troubleshooting questions about your Under Current system? Below you will find the most common issues growers may have when growing in the Under Current. Issues touched upon include pH instability, root health, leaf and stem growth and finally system issues. You will find the cause and effect for each issue, along with treatment regimens and […]

Growers Blog: Water Levels

Maintaining proper water levels in RDWC or your Under Current system is an essential part of successful plant production. Though often over looked, improper or sudden changes to water levels can cause undue stress which could negatively affect yield and quality. We’ve designed our Under Current RDWC system to allow the grower total control of all […]

High Nutrient Levels

Are High Nutrient Levels Hurting Your Yield?

Our Under Current® RDWC systems are specifically designed to deliver high levels of aeration and circulation. These supercharged conditions allow your plants to uptake water and nutrients easier and more efficiently. With this increased efficiency it is very important to provide the correct amount of nutrients to your plants to ensure consistent growth rates and a […]

Top-Off Reservoir

Using a Top-off Reservoir to Maintain your Hydroponics System

Do I need a top-off reservoir? The short answer is yes!  Having a top-off reservoir connected to your hydroponic system or Under Current will allow you to maintain accurate water levels and nutrient levels throughout the course of a growing cycle. A top-off reservoir can also be used for fresh water storage.  This is helpful […]

Surna Cool Coil Layout for Multiple Under Current Systems

Cooling Multiple Under Current RDWC Nutrient Solutions with Surna’s CoolCoil

When growing hydroponically, maintaining proper nutrient temperature is essential to plant health. If the nutrient solution temperature rises above 72°F, harmful bacteria will start to grow, thus risking the health of your crop. Because most grow environments are kept above this temperature for plant growth, it is important to cool nutrient systems separately.   When […]