Hydroponic Rootzone IPM

Hydroponic Rootzone IPM

A Practical Approach to Maintaining a Healthy Rhizosphere in Precision Irrigation


Hydroponic rootzone IPM practices offer a simple, low cost and effective approach to keeping hydroponic root systems free of issues like root rot.  Additionally, hydroponic rootzone IPM (integrated pest management) provides a solution that is non toxic to plants, people and the surrounding environment when managed with care. 



Growers know the importance of a healthy root system–and so do plants. Without healthy roots the ability to take up water, oxygen and minerals for robust growth and development is impeded. In severe instances it can lend to serious reductions in yield, increases in other pathogens or even entire crop loss.


Popular thought has often been to keep the root system, nutrient solution and piping “sterile”.  While in theory this is quite true, the issue is that it is near impossible to keep nutrient solutions entirely sterile; over time bacteria, fungi, etc will find their way into the system whether through water or air supplies, no matter how well filtered or treated.


Hydroponic rootzone IPM management takes a practical approach to address the need of keeping microbial loads and pressures as low as possible on crops while at the same time addressing the fact that some level of microbial activity is near unavoidable. The goal is keeping microbial counts in the rhizosphere within an acceptable range while also taking a level of control as to what types of microbes may be present.


By introducing specific microbes and then utilizing a means to control populations, there is little to no room for undesirable crop disease causing bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc to set up shop in your valued crop.


For decades, Mycostop has proven to be an excellent choice for introducing bacteria for hydroponic rootzone IPM into Under Current RDWC water culture systems. The bacteria colonize in a way that is not antagonistic to bare rooted “media-less” plants growing in highly aerated nutrient solutions. Introducing the wrong species could be disastrous for growing in re-circulating deep water culture. 

Cultured solutions hydroponic nutrients mycostop biofungicide 2 gram

The specific mycology in Mycostop will not create unwanted slimes, bio-films, etc that compete with roots for oxygen and nutrients while creating wild pH fluctuations. 


The bacterium in Mycostop are highly antagonistic to plant diseases causing organisms including damping-off, wilt and root diseases like Alternaria, Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium, Phytopthora and Pythium.


To maintain appropriate microbial counts and to further help to keep growing surfaces, nutrient solutions and root zones hygienic, Clear Line or UC Roots hypochlorous acid formulations are highly complementary while using Mycostop as directed in Cultured Solution’s Recirculating Hydro crop feeding programs.


Utilizing Mycostop, paired with hypochlorous acid and keeping nutrient solution temperatures optimal is another important pillar in hydroponic rootzone IPM management.  


Remember that the crop disease triangle is only completed when all the necessary variables are present: environment, pathogen and vector.  


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