Hydroponics Systems

Hydroponics Systems


Proven Production Hydroponics Systems & Protocols


There are a number of hydroponics systems available to growers.  Current Culture H2O offers proven production hydroponics systems and protocols to growers who don’t want to gamble on their investment and results.


Current Culture H2O hydroponic systems and protocols deliver significant advantages for crop production, including:


media-less cropping; no more handling, buying or disposing of growing medias


-cleaner harvests; our clean, sterile and closed systems greatly reduce the incidence of harboring crop pests or pathogens


-faster growth rates, healthier plants; improved aeration and dissolved oxygen levels help unlock the potential of plant genetics not achievable with traditional cultivation methods


-greatly reduced water and fertilizer consumption; our systems supercharge growth rates while reducing consumption of resources–plants function more efficiently and less water is lost through evaporation closed systems


-CCH2O hydroponics systems are made in the USA to our exacting standards; offering many years of robust, trouble free and leak tight cropping.


A Practical Example of our Proven Production Approaches


Successful growers strive for seamless transitions from one crop phase to the next in their hydroponics systems.  Stressed plants, ie transplant shock, costs valuable time and resources over the calendar year.  Our Medium-less Commercial Propagation approach is an excellent example of how CCH2O hydroponic systems work together with a proven production approach to eliminate the incidence of crop stalls while increasing production potential.


Raising hydroponic mother plants in an Under Current RDWC system and rooting the donor material in an HPAC (high pressure aeroponic) set up can help a growing enterprise produce LOTS of healthy transplants in a relatively short time frame using limited space.  


Additional Benefits Include:


young plants produced tend to be of higher quality, with more foliage and roots

transplants are evenly developed for a uniform flowering or fruiting canopy later on

RDWC mother plants are easier to keep pest and pathogen free with no exposed growing media

reduced  labor and crop handling

no growing media required


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Where are Current Culture H2O’s hydroponics systems used?

Crop Research Stations

Professional Cultivation Facilities


Residential Applications



Popular Crops Grown in CCH2O Hydroponics Systems

Vine Crops (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons)

Leafy Greens & Vegetables